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Neoflat Refurbishment Services

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Loft conversion

At Neoflat you can have your dream house come true with our best recommendation for loft conversions ideas. We can convert your loft in many ways, shapes and forms as you would have never imagined. As always we come with the best recommendations to fit your specific needs.

House Extension

Extending your house has never been easier with us. Our specialized team at Neoflat will always come first in your support and convert your ideas into reality with over 10+ years of experience we are sure we can’t fail your project.

Bathroom Refurbishment & Fitting

With have extensive experience in bathroom refurbishment works and specific fittings. With our professional team of workers at Neoflat, we are proud and confident that your bathroom will look and work as you ever wanted to.

Kitchen Fitting

Kitchen fittings are most of the jobs we do for some specific properties and with extensive experience on this, we are happy to have you as our next client into converting your kitchen to something you always wanted to be.


With our professional plumbers at Neoflat we can be confident to take any plumbing works in your area and provide you with the best quotes and works in plumbing works we might have to do for you. We are specialised especially in plumbing.


Our electricians at Neoflat have vast experience with many other projects completed behind with some of the works they have done and successfully completed we are confident to have them fix or work on new projects with your newly refurbished property.


With our highly qualified carpenters, we know we can not go wrong! We are happy to announce over 60+ carpeting projects done and as always we’ll be happy to have you as our next happy client to do your carpentry work for your properties.


Working with the best products on the market, 100% British made, we can proud ourselves with an extensive amount of projects done for tiling works in London and through London surroundings.


We can successfully complete any plastering works and every challenge we might face. With our professional and creative staff, our plastering projects can finish in time.

Painting and Decorating

All our painting and decorating services are done by specialists in this field alone. In London and the surroundings of it, we alone have finished over 73+ projects only in painting and decorations and we continuously expand our staff to have our professionals meet our client’s needs.


Creativity and imagination are one of our best recommendations when it comes to great wallpapering works for newly refurbished rooms and properties in the UK. Feel free to ask us for more info about our wallpapering suggestions.